Introduction to Advanced Intercompany

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„Advanced Intercompany for Dynamics 365 Business Central”

During the forthcoming webinar, we will provide the overview of Advanced Intercompany – our new application offering comprehensive intercompany processes management for global companies working with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Advanced Intercompany for corporate groups and groups of business partners

Our new application has been created in order to fulfill the needs of specific Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) users - corporate groups and business partners maintaining close collaboration. With the application, they are able to exchange sales and purchase documents in real time, keeping total control of the process.

What can you expect after the webinar?


Main processes of the app

Main processes of the app

including goods trade, drop shipment and more


between standard Intercompany functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central and Advanced Intercompany


See Advanced Intercompany in action

Additional information

including pricing, the roadmap and version availability

Meet our session speakers

Krzysztof Zieliński


Krzysztof Zieliński has been working at IT.integro since 2010. From the beginning he has been focusing on Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central marketing and selling process in order to provide solutions for international customers. He is also involved in the development of the partner network for IT.intego’s Global Apps including Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany and Intercompany Insights - solutions dedicated for groups of companies and business partners working with Business Central.

Filip Śnieguła


Filip Śnieguła has been working at IT.integro since 2016. From the beginning. he has mostly been involved in Global Apps development and implementation of changes into the Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 Business Central system environments for international and group customers.

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